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Project Description
CID is created to ease and leverage deployment for enterprise web applications.
It includes conceptual and methodology guidelines as well as several tools to get it working within your software development project.
CID is intended to help development, operations and management teams in their goal of getting applications deployed and knowing the status of applications deployment accross the different environments withing an organization.

CID is started as a college final project. Due to this, the project will be organized according to some restrictions of that project itself,
The project will be organized into 3 stages as follows:
  1. Conceptual framework: define concepts that are involved in the applications deployment. Estimated length: one month
  2. Methodology framework: based on the concepts, provide guidelines for a seamless integration of the deployment whithin a software development project using modern methodologies (such as Scrum or Agile). Estimated length: one month
  3. Deployment tools: build tools upon the concepts and methodology presented before that eases and leverages the deployment process. Estimated length: three months
The final outcome is expected to be available by December 2011. Until that, all documentation will be written in Spanish, I apologyze for this but is the only way to achieve the time and formal constraints of the final project. Once the first version is finished, everything will be translated into English to make CID available for everyone on the community. Also, due to the nature of CID itself, first lines of source code will be available after mid September 2011, as that will be based on theoritical development that will take place first.

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